You Don’t have to be a Culinary Wizard to Cook for Your Dog or Cat…

But You Will Need a Good Veterinarian

As with most things today, pet food has gone the route of convenience. When you’re rushing from one place to the next…as is the fashion of life in the 21st century…it’s easy to scoop pellets from a bag, deposit them in your pet’s bowl, and scurry off to your next destination. But the real question is, “Are you doing the best for your pet?””

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For some pets, commercial dog food (always with meat as the primary ingredient) is capable of sustaining reasonably good health. For others, commercially produced food (especially those made primarily from processed grains and byproducts) could not only be contributing to, but causing, such problems as:

* Degenerative disease

* Allergies

* Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

* Arthritis

* Obesity

* Skin and coat problems

* Eye and ear problems

* Heart disease

* Periodontal disease

* Kidney failure

* Cancer

Additionally, some cats and dogs with kidney, heart, or liver disease; urinary stones, diabetes, obesity, or cancer; require specialized diets that cannot be found in a can or a bag.

Enter the veterinarian with a culinary education of sorts.

Ask Your Veterinarian What’s on the Menu.

A veterinarian who is well-versed in dogs’ and cats’ nutritional requirements understands that one size does not fit all. When tailor-made recipes are offered to “feed” to your pet’s unique needs, it can not only extend your best friends life, but offer you peace of mind in knowing that you’re feeding your pet what nature intended.

A few popular homemade pet food diets include:

* BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food).

* Organic Homemade Dog Food (food produced without chemicals or biological engineering)

* Holistic Homemade Dog Food (to feed the whole dog)

Your Pet’s Own Personal Nutrition Expert.

p.s. Cooking (or not cooking in the case of raw food) for your pet doesn’t have to be like preparing a separate meal for a picky child. When you consult with a veterinarian capable of devising a meal plan for your pet, he or she can also offer suggestions for convenience (like bulk preparation, freezing in portions, and taking advantage of butcher shop left-overs).

p.p.s. Feeding your dog or cat convenience food is fast and easy for you. But, imagine what the state of your own health might be if you ate from a drive-thru every day. Seek out a veterinarian that is an expert in your pet’s nutritional needs and ask what you can do to optimize your best friend’s health…for a longer and happier life.

p.p.p.s. When a veterinarian is educated in the benefits of specific foods for the treatment and prevention of canine and feline disease, then good health can be attained in a natural way – from the farm, not the pharmacy.

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